Here you will find a selection of some of my latest audio work for games, both music and sound.

Composer & Sound Designer

Client: Betdigital Ltd.

Project: Subbuteo, Crowning Glory, Cherry Bomb, Pillars of Hercules, Cash Towers, Wheels on Fire, Gems of Ra + many more!


Composer and Sound Designer for a variety of themed and licensed slot games for online, mobile, and land-based gaming platforms.

Demos available to play here


Client: Team Crimson

Project: Crimson Keep

Tasked to create music which explores a variety of moods and for each level within the game. This soundtrack encompasses orchestral elements with ambient horror.


Client: Noble Muffins

Project: Thief Simulator

Tasked to create a menu theme with a jazzy vibe.

Composer & Sound Designer

Client: Dioxis Mining

Project: Whirl the Squirrel

Tasked to create upbeat, cartoon-like music and sounds for this side scrolling iOS game.

Composer & Sound Designer

Client: Coin Bump LLC.

Project: Hero Hustle

Tasked to create upbeat and frantic music and sounds for this fast paced puzzle game.

Matt Oglesby

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